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VyprVPN Review – The World’s Fastest VPN

VyprVPN (Viper VPN as you would be supposed to say it) is owned by Golden Frog Company, which the main goal is to keep the public’s privacy from others and the government. Founded by Internet veterans, Golden Frog was incorporated in Switzerland. Why there? Because their law favors the mission of the company and respects the privacy of Internet users.



When they say fast, it is fast. The connection speed with VyprVPN doesn’t throttle and is not capped. Your connection speed can go as fast as it can and it will not be limited to a certain range of bandwidth. There will be no speed restrictions when downloading videos, movies, applications, and other stuff that you may need a huge amount of bandwidth.

Just like any other VPN services, they provide a handful of protocols to choose from – PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP, and their very own Chameleon. The Chameleon technology uses the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol and scrambles the metadata to prevent DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), VPN blocking and throttling.

VyprVPN also owns and operates a DNS server, available for its users. Instead of using our ISP’s DNS, which logs our data traffic, users will be using VyprVPN’s. Therefore, no logs will be saved. VyprVPN’s DNS is also made to battle and defeat online censorship and promote 100% online freedom.

At this moment, VyprVPN has more than 700 servers in various locations across the globe. When you connect to these servers, it is just you plug them and no other 3rd parties. A private virtual tunnel is a form by their server and your VPN client to form a private network.

Not only that these servers offer you unlimited speed, but you can also switch from one server to another at no additional cost. This will allow you to move from one congested server to another so that you don’t have to compromise performance.


You can visit the VyprVPN page at https://www.vyprvpn.com/. They don’t have a standalone website for their VPN services which is kinda different from the rest.

This page shows all the features of VyprVPN. It is neat because you don’t have to jump from one page to another. Their site is very modernized and the images are in high quality. It is easy to navigate, thanks to the bold menus on the top of its webpage.

It has a live chat where you can find minimized at the bottom right of each webpage if you want to get some quick response. Just like others, there is no phone number on the Contacts page which is really frustrating if you need to phone them.

There are lots of irrelevant information on their site IF you are just there for VyprVPN because it showcases 2 different services – including CYPHR.

User Interface

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use, and gorgeous looking user interface, this might be it. You start with a window where you will be entering your credentials.

In this window, you will see its main feature on the left and the login on the right. Once you log in, this window shrinks to a much smaller window, which I think its good because it is not in the way if I have multiple windows open.

The VPN interface looks like something that you would see on your phone – skinny and the buttons are huge. On its main screen, you can either let the software pick the best server or you can manually choose it. That is how simple it is to get into a virtual private network.

It is pretty cool too how they show a graph of how much bandwidth you are consuming live. This may be very useful for others, and may not for some. It doesn’t have a map where the server is located though.

Pricing and Payments

There will be two versions for this VPN – PRO, and Premier. The PRO version includes unlimited data usage, 3 simultaneous connections on supported devices, encryption protocols, and support. While in Premier, it has all the features that PRO has plus more – Chameleon technology, Malware blocker for Android OS, NAT Firewall, VyprVPN Router, and VyprVPN server beta.

Both versions are available either monthly or annually. You will be able to save around 40% if you go with annual payments.

VyprVPN doesn’t have a free version where you can download and use right away. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t try it out first before committing to it. Golden Frog offers a 3 day trial for both PRO and Premier. The only concern with this is, you will have to give your billing information to be able to download the executable. After 3 days, the billing cycle starts.

My Review

It is true that this VyprVPN is fast. I compared this with two other VPN clients by browsing the same site, and VyprVPN seems to be much faster. It does its jobs quite well and you can definitely tell the difference.

It is nice to have a map where you can see where the servers are located to find out which is much close to you. Instead, there is a latency measurement on the side of each server. From there, you will be able to tell which is closer to you.

The price may be on the top of the list. I have seen VPN clients that only cost less than $5 a month after signing up for the annual plan.


  • Lightning Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Great looking interface
  • More than 700 servers to choose from


  • Short trial period – a 3-Day Free Trial
  • Affordable but a bit expensive compared to most


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What we did so far…..

  1. We tested more than 100+ VPNs
  2. Bought Their Subscription (most of them)
  3. Run Multiple Censorship, Speed, Security Tests
  4. Fact-Checked Their ToS/No-Logs Policies
  5. Tested for Streaming
  6. Tested for Android & iPhone
  7. Tested for Netflix
  8. Tested for Gaming
  9. Tested for Torrenting
  10. Compared Cost and Value