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With ExpressVPN you can watch TV online from websites based in the UK

How it works

Due to regional broadcast restrictions, broadcasters are not allowed to stream content outside their own country or region. When you access a TV site the website checks your computers IP address to determine your location and blocks streaming if you’re not in the country or region authorized for broadcast.

ExpressVPN UK

Using the ExpressVPN service makes your computer appears as if it is located in the UK this lifts the broadcasting restrictions and allows you to watch TV UK online.

ExpressVPN is ranked as #1 VPN services for 2019 in our chart.

Popular UK TV Websites

BBC Iplayer

BBC Iplayer is the most popular TV website in the UK. You can stream TV programs, sports events, and movies directly to your computer or download them to view at a later date. Direct streaming of content requires a fast internet connection, you need at least a 1 Mbps connection for streaming video. If your internet connection is not fast enough for streaming you can install BBC iPlayer Desktop application (available for PC, Mac, and Linux) and download your content to your computer for viewing.

ITV Player

ITV Player is the online streaming website from the ITV network, here you can catch up on the latest soap operas and TV programs from ITV channels. ITV player does not have a desktop player application for downloading content so a fast internet connection is required.

TV Catchup is a free catchup service offering over 50 popular UK TV channels including channel 4, Dave and E4

4oD is the catchup service from Channel 4 featuring popular Channel 4 TV series such as Hollyoaks, Grand Designs and million-pound drop.

Sky Go is an online streaming service from Sky. Using ExpressVPN and the Sky Go Monthly Ticket you can Watch up to 40 live channels – including all six Sky Sports, all 11 Sky Movies channels, Sky Atlantic and more – plus hundreds of shows and movies on demand through your Xbox 360, laptop, PC or Fetch box.

Watch Online Content On Your TV

You can connect your PC or Mac to your TV to stream online content if required. Most modern computers and TV’s have an HDMI port, this is the easiest connection method to use to play your content on a big screen TV.

iPhone & iPad

ExpressVPN works with all Apple iPhones and iPads allowing you to use apps provided by TV companies to watch TV and movies online. The BBC has a free iPlayer app that allows you to watch live TV, listen to live BBC radio and watch on your TV using Apple Airplay on iOS5

How it works

  • Your computer makes a connection to the Internet server based in the UK.
  • All your Internet traffic is routed through the UK servers making your computer appear as if it is located in the UK.
  • The connection between your computer and the server is made using your existing Internet connection, this connection is encrypted using the VPN software built into your computer or devices operating system.
  • All traffic between your computer and the servers is encrypted stopping local internet service provider from blocking your Website browsing and voice over IP traffic.
  • VPN servers are normally used by large corporations to enable staff to connect to the company head office networks. We use the same technology to connect your PC, MAC or smartphone to the servers.


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