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Total VPN Review – Total Protection That You Need

Total VPN is a virtual private network client that can be downloaded for free or purchased to get the full ability of it. It is made for home and personal use.

It can unblock websites that are restricted to certain locations, whenever and where ever you are. It can completely hide your information like IP address, personal information, location, credit card numbers, and more. It doesn’t restrict you from anything and will not cap your connection bandwidth while doing all these services for you.

Total VPN

Total VPN is pretty new but it already made itself known to a lot of people and its competitors. They only have 30 servers across the globe at the moment but this did not become a burden for their success. Their servers are expanding really fast that you don’t even have to worry about it.

Just like an antivirus, it helps you protect your precious data. But the difference of Total VPN to any antivirus is – it protects the data that is going out of your network. It encrypts it so that nobody can snoop and steal your information coming out of your computer.

You can basically hide everything with the help of this VPN client. Nobody can crack the “code” even the government who tries to watch you all day long.

All these services are available whenever and where ever you may be. It goes with you no matter where you go or whichever network you are connected to. Whether you are at home, in the office, or in a coffee shop that has free WiFi – you are 100% safe with Total VPN.


Choosing a version for Total VPN is very simple. It’s like flipping a coin. You only have two options – Free or Paid.

The free version is 100% free and no hidden fees after a few days or months like other services. You can have it for as long as you want it. If this version works for you, then you can stick with it for life.

So why should I get the paid version if the freebie is like that? Well, it’s free because it is limited. You don’t get to have the full ability of this VPN client. You can only connect to 3 servers and won’t have an option other than the 3 that this VPN client provides you.

The image shown above only shows servers from 3 countries. This is what you will get from a free version. What if you want to connect in the US or Canada? It is not available here and it will be impossible to do so.

The free version of ToTal VPN also caps your bandwidth that slows your connection down unlike in the paid version where you can get the fastest speed that you connection can do. You are held up to 2 Mbps on the free version and can actually go even lower if you are connected to a much farther server.

In the full version, you have all the latest and best protocols available for VPN networks that can help you protect your data. You can choose from OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IkeV2 and PPTP. Only PPTP is available in the free version. Data encryption is said to weak on PPTP and some say that it can be cracked.

The paid version is for $5.99 per month which is really cheap if you will ask me. That is cheaper than a McDonald’s meal and if you will think about it, it is cheaper than you everyday cup of coffee.

For those features that Total VPN offers, no other VPN client can beat it. Especially if you are using this client on 3 devices. That is one premium value!

Free version Setup

Before you can start using this awesome VPN client, you should download it from its official website totalvpn.com. From its homepage, you can click the link that says Get Total VPN.

It will then ask you for information like your name, email address, and a password. You will notice on the top part of it, it says “No Credit Card Required” which tells you that this is absolutely free. You will then have to agree to their policy and terms before you can get the software. Make sure that you tick that box.

The site will take you to another page where the actual download happens. You will see a link that says Free Download. You can click that to start the download.

After saving the executable file, open it up and run the installer. The program wizard will take you through the steps of installation until the end.

When it finished, you will be asked to log in to your own account. The email address and password are the ones that you provided when you downloaded this software. Enter your credentials and click login.

At the home page, you will see 3 available servers from different countries. Select a country of your choice and it will connect you to that server automatically. Simple as that. You are now connected to a VPN in that location.

Getting the paid version for Total VPN is slightly different from getting its free version. You can go directly to their pricing page or to their promotion page.

After selecting a paid version plan, you will be asked to provide less information like your name, email address, and a password just like what you will have to do in the free version. This information will be your account credentials so make sure that you remember it.

You will be redirected into their promotions page where you can actually get the program 50% off. You can choose 3 different plans that will best fit you. Provide your billing information and method of payment before you can proceed.

After doing such, you can now install the client into your computer and 2 other devices. Instead of getting 3 servers from different countries like the free version, you will actually have the option to choose from 30 servers on the left-hand side of the software. There will be no limitations with this version so you don’t have to worry about cap speed and poor data encryption.


For now, there are only 30 servers but it will not stop there. It will continue to grow and expand in different places. These 30 servers are only available for the full version of Total VPN client.

You will find 17 servers in North America, 20 in Europe, 6 in Asia, 1 in Africa, and Oceania.

As you can see, even though they only have 30 servers across the globe, they do have it in 6 continents.

TotalVPN Locations

Each server is currently loaded less than 45% of its capability. That is good because once a server gets fully loaded, it will be harder for it to service all of its clients and may not be able to give its full potential.

My Total VPN Review

Total VPN is absolutely on the top of the list when it comes to virtual private network services. With the features that they offer versus the fee that they ask for you to pay, it is unbeatable and affordable.

They have a free version that you will want to download but I won’t suggest it to you. If you are thinking that “I will just download the free version so I can get a taste of it and see what it is all about”, I am telling you now that you wouldn’t know it by using the free version. If you really want to get the real feeling of what it can do for you, I suggest that you try it for a month.


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