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Create a secure password using our generator tool. All passwords are securely generated on your device only!

Strong Random Password Generator

What is a password generator?

A secure password generator is a free tool that creates a password [random numbers, symbols and letters] based on guidelines that you set to generate strong and random password.

A The javaScript random password generator is a fully client-side script, which means, your password is generated by your device in your web browser.
With server-side password generators, your password is created on a remote server. In this case, we highly recommend you to use a VPN. With a VPN, the server, who generated your new password cannot identify you. Check our list of the best VPN providers in the UK.


With our password generator, you can do the following:

  • Adjust the password length – from 6 [weak] characters to 50 [ very strong]
  • Include uppercase – basic password is only with lowercase letters
  • Include numbers – add numbers to your password for extra security
  • Include symbols – ( e.g. @#$% )

Easy, you are ready to generate your strong password using reliable technology with built-in randomness.


What’s a strong password?

The longer a password [a combination of letters, numbers, cases, and symbols], the more secure it is [at least 12 characters]. A strong password should be unique, the best way is to use a password generator. Simple as that!

How can I remember a random password?

There are a lot of chrome/firefox extensions, which can store all your passwords. You can try Lastpass, Avast Passwords, Dashlane and etc.

Why should I use a password generator?

With our tool, you can generate long, absolutely random passwords that even the most powerful supercomputers can’t break.

What is a weak password?

Short passwords are weak passwords, they are too easy to break.

How do random password generators work?

Passwords generated by our tool are extremely reliable since they contain a mix of randomly generated ASCII characters.