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Step 9 VPN Windows Vista

Setup VPN on Windows Vista

Step1: Click on the Start button and click “Control Panels”. This will open up the “Control Panel Home.”

Step 1 VPN Windows Vista

Step2: Click on the “Network and Internet” control panel, which is circled in red below.

Step 2 VPN Windows Vista

Step3: Click on “Connect to a network.” icon

Step 3 VPN Windows Vista

Step4: Click on “Set up a connection or Network.”

Step 4 VPN Windows Vista

Step5: Click on “Connect to a workplace” then click “Next”

Step 5 VPN Windows Vista

Step6: Click “Use my Internet connection (VPN).”

Step 6 VPN Windows Vista

Step7: Enter the server information.

Step 7 VPN Windows Vista

Step8: Enter username and password provided to your email address

Step 8 VPN Windows Vista

Step9: You should see this screen next. Click the “Connect Now” button to go online.

Step 9 VPN Windows Vista


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