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VPN on iPhone Step 1

Setting up VPN on Apple iPhone

In order to connect to our VPN servers, you will need the user name and password sent by email at the time of registration.

Step 1: From Your iPhone Home Screen – Select Settings

VPN on iPhone Step 1

Step 2: Select General

VPN on iPhone Step 2

Step 3: Select Network

VPN on iPhone Step 3

Step 4: Select VPN

VPN on iPhone Step 4

Step 5: Select VPN

VPN on iPhone Step 5

Step 6: Enter The VPN Configuration Details

VPN on iPhone Step 6

Select PPTP

Enter a name for the VPN in the description, we recommend YOUR CHOSEN VPN SERVICE


Account: The user name you registered for your VPN account

Password: The password for your VPN account

Save the configuration


Step 7: Turn On The VPN

VPN on iPhone Step 7

Your iPhone will now connect to our VPN Server


Step 8: Press The Home Key

VPN on iPhone Step 8

The home screen will now show the VPN logo next to your battery level indicator.

You are now connected to our VPN servers


Step 9: Turning VPN On & Off

VPN on iPhone Step 9

Select Settings from the iPhone’s home screen and select VPN ON/OFF


If you require any further assistance setting up the VPN connection on your iPhone or iTouch device please contact us.


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What we did so far…..

  1. We tested more than 100+ VPNs
  2. Bought Their Subscription (most of them)
  3. Run Multiple Censorship, Speed, Security Tests
  4. Fact-Checked Their ToS/No-Logs Policies
  5. Tested for Streaming
  6. Tested for Android & iPhone
  7. Tested for Netflix
  8. Tested for Gaming
  9. Tested for Torrenting
  10. Compared Cost and Value