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CyberGhost VPN began in Germany back in 2011 and then moved to Romania (Romanian legislation allow them NOT to store any logs). Later in 2017, CyberGhost is acquired by the owner of ZenmateKape Technologies (previously Crossrider).

Nine years after its establishment, CyberGhost claims to have 10+ million users [during the making of the review the online users were 99 000, mainly connected to servers in the USA (24 000), France (14 000), Germany (14 000) and UK (10 000)] with more than 6 000 servers in 87 countries.

How we tested?

We bought a subscription plan and downloaded Windows 10 app (CyberGhost 7).

During the review, a popup appeared, and we signed for the beta testing of their new app – CyberGhost 8.

On the image below, you can see a comparison of both programs.

CyberGhost 7 vs CyberGhost 8
CyberGhost 7 vs CyberGhost 8

Our CyberGhost review will cover performance, security, server network, logging policy, support quality, and value for money.

Overall expression is that CyberGhost is a competitively valued VPN with secret (bitcoin) payment options and trustworthy security. It collects no logs, and it’s compatible with a variety of platforms.

Speed & Performance

VPN protection is essential, but if your internet speed suffers considerably, is it worth it?

Our team tested 10 CyberGhost servers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia & Oceania.

CyberGhost Servers
We tested the speed from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and USA

Testing a VPN’s performance comes down to running speed tests via multiple VPN servers, and comparing the results with a regular internet connection (we used speedtest.net by Ookla)

We used a Windows 10 PC connected wirelessly to our router in the office.

No VPN speed test

Our benchmark testing speed without the VPN was ping: 74 ms, download: 17.37 Mbps and upload: 4.74 Mbps.

Argentina VPN speed test
CyberGhost Speed Test – Argentina Server

The server in Argentina is slow with ping 278 ms, download speed 2.03 Mbps and upload 3.45 Mbps, the load of the server was 22%, according to CyberGhost.

Speed Test Canada
Speed test – Canada server
France VPN speed test
Speed test – France server
Germany VPN speed test
Speed test – Germany server
USA speed test
USA server – speed test

One 1st day of making the review the connection to the VPN server has been established within a few seconds, on the 2nd day was a bit longer around 15 seconds. We used only recommended servers.

Overall, most of the servers speed surpassed our average speed index by 5-10%. The average load of the servers were 52%. Some servers were very slow (Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.), the same as other VPN providers in identical regions.

Important to know:

Many factors can affect your connection speeds, including:

  • original connection speed without VPN
  • hardware/infrastructure
  • location

We did not notice a significant difference in speed with regular internet in download and streaming. During gaming, we did experience a small noticeable difference.

During the review, we also experienced some disconnects while using the dedicated streaming servers optimized for Netflix.


Where to begin, CyberGhost is relatively generous with its offered features. During the reviewing process, there are 5 822 servers in 110 locations, spread out over 87 countries with around 90 000 online users.

The power of my dashboard

CyberGhost Dashboard
CyberGhost Dashboard

Once you join a CyberGhost, after login, you will be redirected to your dashboard. On the left side of the window, you will see seven grey dots, which represent the available devices. In our case, there are two yellow and five grey, because we installed CyberGhost on 1 PC and 1 Android phone (available device 2/7).

There are six buttons on the menu:

  • My devices – allows you to see the number of devices you’ve connected CyberGhost with, along with some additional details about each, such as the platform you’re using it on and the date you added that device.
  • My extension – you can install CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner Chrome and Firefox
  • My smart DNS – change your DNS settings to stream and access geo-restricted content, with the added benefit of enjoying your regular internet connection speeds. You must first activate your IP address for this.
  • My subscriptions – you can check purchase date, reference number, subscription status, payment provider and renewal fee. Also, you can insert an activation key.
  • My settings – you can edit your personal information – email, password, profile picture, etc.
  • Support – for assistance on how to use CyberGhost VPN, you can get in touch with their customer support team via live chat or email. They’re available 24/7 and can handle your requests in English, German, French, and Romanian.

It is also possible to buy a dedicated IP address from CyberGhost. The advantage of a dedicated IP address is that you can whitelist VPN IP address on certain online services. Also, you can reach your computer from the outside.

Supported Platforms

It offers native apps for:

  • Windows (7 and up)
  • Mac, Android, iOS (9 and up)
  • Linux (comes with a built-in PPTP protocol)
  • Android TV and Apple TV
  • Routers (requires access to the router interface)
  • Amazon’s Fire TV Stick
  • browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox

CyberGhost 7

CyberGhost Servers
CyberGhost 7 for Windows 10

The user-friendly client gives you more than enough information to select the perfect server for your needs.

There’s a kill switch, which shuts off your internet if the VPN connection drops (never happened to me).

The software is straightforward to install and use – there are few buttons on the left (Favorites/All Servers/For Streaming/For torrenting/ Connection features/Smart rules) and one big switch on/off button on the right. There are recommended servers for torrenting and streaming. Switching between servers takes from 3 to 20 seconds.

You can add your favourite servers, just by hitting the “star” button.

Connection features
Connection features
CyberGhost’s “Connection features” button

With the “Block Ads” prevents ads from following you online and keeps your browsing activity safe at the same time.

Block Malicious Websites” – blocks websites associated with malware that could be harmful to your device.

Block Online Tracking” – prevent third parties from secretly tracking your online activities.

Automated HTTPS Redirect” – force your connection to HTTPS (I’m not using this feature because some website will not work correctly).

Data Compression” – compresses images and other elements to reduce your data usage and increase your load times.

Smart rules
Smart Rules
CyberGhost’s “Smart rules” button

Here you can modify CyberGhost 7 in a way you want; you can create your triggers and terms. For example, you can add your exceptions by choosing which websites you want to exclude from passing through the VPN tunnel.

CyberGhost 8 – it’s a beta

CyberGhost 8
CyberGhost 8 – Beta

It’s still a beta version, but I was wondering what else could be included in CyberGhost 8 and the answer is more security! A so-called “Privacy Guard” and “Security Updater” have been added. The appearance of the software is very professional.

Privacy Guard
Privacy Guard
Privacy Guard in CyberGhost8

With “Privacy Guard”, you can take full control over your settings in Windows, you will be able to decide how much of your data you want to share with Microsoft.

Privacy Guard

There are 62 optimizations, and some of them are smart.

  • Prevent your OS or other Microsoft apps from tracking you
  • Prevent Microsoft from geolocating
  • Disable the camera on your device
  • Restrict access to your user account info, tasks, messages, or call history
  • Stop data collection of your OS
  • If you are using MS Edge, me not, fully customize the privacy settings
  • Control your Windows updates
Security Updater
Security Updater
Security Updater – CyberGhost 8

This option is a simple security scanner, searching for vulnerable programs to update.

CyberGhost for Android

CyberGhost Android
CyberGhost for Android

Sadly, the .apk file isn’t available for download individually, so you’ll have to use a device with access to the Google Play Store. In our case, we tested CyberGhost on Samsung Galaxy 9.

  • Download the CyberGhost app from the Play Store and create an account.
  • You can install the app only if your device has at least Android 4.4
  • Open the app and tap on the power button to activate the VPN service, simple as that

CyberGhost Android

The Android app is just as intuitive as the applications on the computer and laptop.

You can stop the ad and tracking blocker on your android device, also you are able to set how CyberGhost responds to WiFi networks.

With simple words, CyberGhost application for Android is excellent and simple to use.

Chrome and Firefox extension

CyberGhost VPN has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, but they are more with a proxy functionality, not a VPN plugin. The extension gives you a new IP address and your data traffic is encrypted.

It is therefore ideal for bypassing geographical blockades, but it is less suitable for adequately protecting your privacy.


CyberGhost has not less than 6000 servers (bare metal + virtual) spread over 87 countries, in 112 locations, which puts its server network in front of ExpressVPN and NordVPN. More than enough places for most people who want to use a VPN connection. So you can quickly see geo-blocked content from all over the world with CyberGhost VPN. On their official website, you can check the complete list of the available servers.

You can seek for servers optimized for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

You can check the current ping, user load, and your physical distance from the server in kilometres, so you can quickly see how busy each server is.

In some parts of the world (Asia & Africa), there are fewer servers than in other regions. It can be annoying when you want to use a location where there is no VPN server nearby because this can significantly reduce the speed.

CyberGhost also has NoSpy servers located in Romania, dedicated to users who are looking for maximized security.

There are also a large number of P2P-ready servers.


In terms of technical safety, it is very well arranged at CyberGhost. By default, the OpenVPN protocol is used in the CyberGhost software, which is known to be very secure.

The PTPP and L2TP standard can also be used, but are less reliable and should hence be avoided if you are concerned about your privacy.

If you are not sure about the best connection protocol, you should let the app choose the best option!

CyberGhost uses a 256-bit AES encryption (encryption technique that uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files), which is one of the most secure encryption methods.

CyberGhost software creates a new security key (RSA-4096) for every single session. A 4096-bit key does provide a moderate increase in strength over a 2048-bit key and encryption strength doesn’t drop off after 2048-bits. A new key is generated every 60 minutes.

Logging & Privacy

As we mentioned, CyberGhost’s headquarter is in Romania, where the rules regarding data retention are less strict. Also, the company itself indicates that it has a zero-log policy.

CyberGhost is not storing connection logs, meaning that they don’t have any records tied to your IP address, connection timestamp or session duration, no access to your credit card or any payment information.

According to CyberGhost’s privacy policy, they do not track user traffic performed inside the CyberGhost VPN tunnel such as:

  • IP addresses
  • browsing history
  • traffic destination
  • search preferences
  • data content
  • DNS queries

CyberGhost collects the following data from its users:

  • your name
  • address
  • username
  • email
  • payment information for your CyberGhost subscription
  • your IP address (recorded in anonymously)

But, according to CyberGhost, this data is non-personal and cannot be used to identify you as a person or connect you with any traffic inside the VPN tunnel.


After five days of watching Netflix (USA) via the CyberGhost servers, I can say that CyberGhost works well for Netflix. Also, you can access Netflix in Germany, UK and France, BBC Player and Hulu.

Besides, some of the CyberGhost servers are optimized for HBO Now, YouTube, YouTube Red, ARD, Amazon Prime, Comedy Central, Digi Online, ESPN, Eurosport, Fox, Globo, MTV, Mediaset, Spotify, Telegram, Yle, ZDF and more.

It should be noted that Netflix is ​​actively trying to block all VPN connections, it is possible that CyberGhost works today, but no longer tomorrow.


As you have read above, privacy is good at Cyberghost. Although CyberGhost allows P2P filesharing, you cannot download torrents from every CyberGhost server (on Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, the US, it is not allowed to download torrents).

Fortunately, there are more than enough P2P dedicated servers available that you can use for your torrent downloads.


On their website, you will be able to get the information on how to troubleshoot your problems on the top right-hand side – just hit the button “help”. There are a bunch of pre-written articles available.

CyberGhost claims they provide their users 24/7 customer support, so at 01:00 am, I turned to the live chat option, and it only took about 2-3 minutes to begin the chat support. You can also reach them via email at support[at]cyberghost[dot]ro or using the website contact form.

Plans & Pricing

All the packages have the same functionality, but the price per month is determined by the length of the subscription you take out. The longer you subscribe, the lower the amount you get.

All billing plans of CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers 14-day money-back guarantee for monthly subscriptions and a 45-day money-back guarantee for all other plans.

The payment methods are

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • BitPay

All billing plans:

  • CyberGhost’s monthly plan is costly at £11,99
  • 1-year plan costs £4.59 per month (£55.08 yearly)
  • 2-years plan costs £4.59 per month (£74.10 every two years)
  • 3-years plan costs £2.10 per month (£75.60 every three years) + 2 extra free months

For me, the 2-year plan is senseless, since the 3-year plan is £1.5 more expensive.

CyberGhost FAQs

🔒 Is CyberGhost safe?

Short answer: YES. We’ve tested more than 100 VPNs and CyberGhost is one of the safest to use. Despite being one of the most popular, respectively more susceptible to hacking, we recommend CyberGhost for most users.

💲 Is CyberGhost VPN free?

In the past yes, but now NOT ANYMORE. CyberGhost is a paid VPN service, but your plan is backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee.

🆓 Does CyberGhost Offer a Free Trial?

Yes! Enjoy a premium VPN experience, completely free for one day.

📺 Does CyberGhost Work with Netflix?

Yes, CyberGhost works with Netflix.

❌ Can I cancel CyberGhost anytime?

CyberGhost offers 45-day Money-back guarantee for annual plans and 14-day for monthly plans.

❓ What is the use of CyberGhost?

VPNs are a secure way of accessing the internet and keeping your connection private, except security and privacy, can use CyberGhost for torrenting and streaming.


CyberGhost VPN brings a lot to the table, especially when you consider the long-term pricing. CyberGhost brings robust security in the form of 256-bit AES encryption.

Overall, the experience with CyberGhost during the review prosses was excellent; therefore, we can recommend this service wholeheartedly. But what I liked and didn’t like?

What I Like

  • Minimal or no logs kept
  • 45-day Money-back guarantee for annual plans and 14-day for monthly plans
  • User-friendly applications
  • Cheapest of our top 5 list
  • Has enough servers to cover most of the world
  • Strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • 7 Devices/ Licenses allowed
  • Live chat support
  • NoSpy servers

What I Don’t Like

  • Not the best option for torrenting
  • Not the fastest VPN, but okay

User Reviews

Rated 4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good33%


Rated 5 out of 5
March 4, 2021




Rated 3 out of 5
March 4, 2021




Rated 4 out of 5
March 4, 2021



Worth every penny!

Rated 4 out of 5
April 30, 2020

Excellent vpn and very friendly & helpful support. Worth every penny! One minus, software is too complicated for me.


The speed is good

Rated 5 out of 5
April 23, 2020

I’ve been using CyberGhost since the beginning of the month and all I have to say is that it goes excellent for me. The speed is pretty steady. I’m in the UK, and the speeds are great while using servers in the U.S. Giving 5 stars as of my 20 days of usage.

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User Rating

Rated 4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good33%

CyberGhost VPN Stats

Servers 6000+
IP Addresses 4500+
Countries 87
Devices/ Licenses 7
Money Back 45 Days
Company Location Romania
Kill Switch Yes
Encryption AES-256, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec
No-logs Policy Yes
Streaming Excellent
Torrenting Okay
Wi-Fi Protection Yes
Bandwidth Unlimited
Cost From £2.1
Mac Windows Android iOS Linux Routers

CyberGhost Review