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Hide My IP VPN Review- The Cheapest VPN Software

Hide My IP is another VPN service provider that focuses on the privacy of its users. They dedicated their entire career to give people safety and privacy online. VPN service is not the only service that they can provide you but half a dozen more.

Hide my IP VPN

My Privacy Tools Inc created this VPN software to provide privacy and to keep the users safe from hackers, spammers, identity thief, and unwanted advertising. Hide My IP has been providing excellent service since October of 2007 and it continues to deliver security and user confidence up to today.

VPN Features

Hide My IP does what it is supposed to do – hide your IP addresses. Once you are connected to their server, your home IP address is replaced by their own to prevent a trace where the data is coming from. Because of this, you will be anonymous whether you are browsing a website, sending an email, doing some transactions or checking your banking statements, or even logging into your Facebook account.

Hide my IP server locations

They also added encryption to make the data secured once it goes out of the server. This will add another layer of security to your information. No one can steal it or read it easily.

Hide My IP has a feature that unblocks the website that has restrictions. Some websites are not available in countries because of their law or for whatever reason. What Hide My IP does is, it gives out the server location instead of your own. This way, you will be known to be located in that server’s location and you will now be able to see that website.

This VPN works on major operating systems like Windows, MAC, IOS, Android, and Linux. Whether you have a computer or a smartphone, you will be covered once you get this VPN.

Pricing & Versions

Hide My IP made it very simple for us to choose whether what kind of version will fit our needs. You will have 2 options and that’s it – Full or Premium.

The Full Version will cost you $29.95 annually and this will get you all the features that it has. At checkout, there will be an option if you want to add Unlock Code Protection. I have no clue what it is and couldn’t find an answer. So, if you were to get this, watch out for that option.

That $29.95 a year will turn out to be $2.50 a month. This is the cheapest I’ve seen since I started comparing VPN software.

If you wanted to get the Premium Version of it, it will be $5 more than another version. That is $5 on top of the annual payment, not monthly. So you will end up paying $34.95 instead of $29.95.

What includes in this version is the Smart DNS Proxy server. Also, you can use this software up to 5 devices simultaneously. For $5 a year, I think that this is your best option.

Before you buy this VPN software, I suggest that you try it out first for 14 days. They are letting you download the trial version straight from their website. This way, you will get a chance to see what they have for you.


When you go to their website, you may find it very basic. No videos, no slides, or models that will ask you to join. But that didn’t stop me from finding their site really great.

All of the features are summarized for you to better understand it. In one long page, you will see everything that you need. You don’t have to go to any of the pages for information.

Starting from the pricing, features, server map up to contacts – they are all there. It is very simple and basic yet very informative. There are times that I want to see the explanation of what are the features were but after seeing those from other VPN software, I kind of understand it now and doesn’t need it.

I like how they have the contact on top where the header is. Some VPN providers hide this from you. Hide My IP even shows their phone number right there while others don’t have it anywhere on their whole site.

The best part of this website too is the ability to change in 20 different languages. It caters to all different class of users from all around the world. I truly think that Hide My IP has done a great job with their site.

User Interface

The user interface of the VPN client is pretty basic as well just like their website. The great thing about “basic” is that they are simple and easy to understand. You don’t have to guess what a button or a toggle will do for you.

Once you open the interface up, you will find your VPN IP address on the top. If you find your’s up there then it means that you are not connected.

You can select if you want to change the IP address every certain minute that you are connected to keep the anonymity. You will be still hidden if you don’t but changing the IP every number of minutes will hide it even more.

At the bottom, you will find the servers where you want to connect. I think at this part of the interface, they could have done something better. In my personal opinion, having a map that shows where the server is, will make it easier for me to figure which is close to me or not. Because server distance can affect the speed of your connection.

How to Use the Client

After you download and install the Hide My IP client, this is what you should expect from it. You will have your Advanced Settings and Hide My IP on the top, Quick Settings and Premium Service option in the middle, and Servers and Settings at the bottom.

To connect to a random server picked by the client, you can click on the “Hide My IP” button. This will instantly connect you to a virtual private network with default settings.

From the Advanced Settings, you may change some options like encryptions or how you want the behavior of the client will be once you start the computer up. By default, these are all unchecked for you.

For you to be able to pick the server manually, you will have to use the Premium High-Speed Service options down below. You can pick a server from 99 locations all over the world. You could also change its settings whether you only want the VPN service on internet browsers only or all applications that uses the network.

Once the settings are changed, the client remembers it every time you open up the software. Once the settings are according to your needs and all saved up, the next time you open the client – all you need to do is choose a server and you are connected the way you wanted too.

My Review

Hide My IP does what it’s supposed to do – hide us from others. But what really caught my attention is their price and the support that they provide to their customers.

Hide My IP is the cheapest VPN that I have seen since I wrote this review. For $2.50 a month, you will be protected from online snoopers and identity thief. It is very affordable and easy on your budget.

Their customer support is outstanding if you will ask me. Their website can change up to 20 languages to cater most of its users in different locations. Contacts are all laid out for you to quickly find what you are looking for. And the best of them all, when I send them a message using the “We Are Online” that can be found on the bottom of the screen, I got a response in 5 seconds. That’s how quick they get your answers.

Hide my IP support

I truly believe that customer support is something that can change the game. All VPN providers offer the same features and use but not all can give the same customer service. This is where I think Hide My IP excels.


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